My current research efforts are primarily aimed at the collection, improvement, and expansion of original data. These projects are briefly described below. More details, and the associated data, can be found on the individual project pages.

Global Instances of Coups

GIC is a collaborative effort with Clayton Thyne to document successful and failed coups throughout the world. The initial data project, published in Journal of Peace Research, covered 1950-2009. We have continued to provide near-real time updates to the data. In the near future we will release an explanded version of the data that will include over a dozen additional variables.

Mutiny in Africa

This project originated in data collection for a paper published with Ursula Daxecker and Rebecca Schiel. The data were revisited in a collaborative effort with Rebecca Schiel and Christopher Faulkner that was published at Conflict Management and Peace Science. The latter involved an entirely new approach to sources, with an emphasis on accessing non-English sources. The CMPS version of the data are available through 2018. Updates are ongoing, including improving sourcing for historic cases. Those interested in more recent versions of the data should contqact me.